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5 Things to Do Now the Kids are Back in School

September isn’t a month that’s often celebrated, but we know that parents secretly (or even not so secretly) love it when the kids go back to school! There’s only so many activities you can do with them to wear them out, before you’re longing for the school run to begin again.

So, now the kids are out of your hair (for a few hours at least), you have time (or at least like to think you have time) for yourself. What can you do now the kids are back in school, here’s our top 5:

1. Tidy & Organise All That Clutter

One minute is enough time for your kids to leave toys everywhere, never mind 6 weeks. Now they’re back in school, you have time, and more importantly space to tidy and organise all the clutter they’ve managed to amass. They will turn your hard work upside down again no doubt, but it will look tidy for a couple of hours at least!

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2. Take a long bath

Yes, a long relaxing bath with that bath bomb you’ve been saving for the very moment you finally get some peace and quite again. A bath that’s longer than 5 minutes because little hands aren’t tapping on the door, but, make the most of your mid-day bath because those little hands will be back soon.

3. Meet Up with Your Friends

We all know how difficult it is to hold a decent conversation with the kids in tow, so now is the time to grab a coffee or bite to eat with your friends and fill them in on all that gossip you’ve had mounting up.

4. Shop Till You Drop

We don’t mean buy all the clothes you can until your arms fall off, we mean the dreaded food shop, which becomes much less dreaded when those little hands aren’t adding things to your already overflowing trolley. You can now shop without them ogling all the treats and asking how long is left.

5. Have some ‘Me’ Time

Make a brew, put your feet up and either grab a good book or binge on a TV show. Most importantly, don’t feel guilty about it. You deserve it.


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