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Children’s Rooms from around the World

Children’s bedrooms are a place where imaginations run free. However, it isn’t just the kids who can get creative here.

Ingenious parents have come up with inspiring designs to help nurture this creative spirit and we have put together some of the best of these concepts in our list of the top 5 children’s rooms from around the world…

1. Embrace a TV Theme

Your children have no doubt got a particular area of interest that really sets their imaginations free. This could be a particular TV show or collection of children’s characters. So why not create a bedroom where this becomes the central theme?

One obsessive parent went so far as to recreate the bridge of the Star ship Enterprise from popular TV series Star Trek for their offspring complete with a central Captain’s chair. This would no doubt be the perfect sanctuary for any sci-fi geeks in the family and is easy enough to achieve. So, why not “Make it So” for your kids?

2. A Private Den

What child has not at some point dreamt of having a private den or tree house?

You can make this dream a reality by installing a ladder or staircase direct from your child’s bedroom into the attic. Let them deck the area out themselves with all their favourite books and toys so that the clutter can remain out of sight and out of mind.

Only problem is that it may mean giving up some of your much needed storage space!

3. Football Fanatic

If your offspring know the offside rule better than you do, then you may want to dedicate the room to their favourite football team?

You can buy plenty of wallpapers, murals and wall stickers dedicated to particular teams nowadays, as well as properly licensed duvets sets and even carpets!

A great example of this concept, designed for a Liverpool FC fan, can be seen over on the Pinterest page of the Make a Wish foundation.

Keep It Professional

Children love playing make believe where they can take on the role of an adult doing some wacky or even conventional everyday task. This may be assuming the role of a supermarket check-out operative or even something glamorous like being a world renowned football team manager.

Whatever the case, a handy home office desk can help to unleash a whole realm of possibilities. Not only does it provide a platform on which to play (i.e. supermarket checkout till) but it can also be used when colouring in, doing puzzles or painting.

Once your child gets a little older, the desk can then be used for doing homework tasks or as a station on which to store their computer. This is why it is so important to invest in a hard wearing home office desk which will stand the test of time and fit in with a range of different décor styles as you offspring’s tastes and interests change. We aim to provide you with such a product over on our home office desks page.

5. Set Sail across the Seven Seas…

On the topic of using home furniture as imaginary contraptions, you could adopt a pirate theme to your child’s bedroom. This would be perfect for a Pirates of the Caribbean enthusiasts and allow them to use their bed as an imaginary vessel. You can see a great example of this concept in reality with the Alton Towers pirate themed room.

If you want to make this concept a little more lifelike for your kids, then you might want to look into buying a bed frame which is styled to look like a pirate ship. The only problem here would be longevity, with your offspring being very unlikely to relish the prospect of sleeping in a pirate themed bed all the way into their teens.

You could therefore just play safe and purchase a conventional double bed which is built to last and remain acceptable to your offspring for many years to come, saving you the expense of having to fork out for another bed at a later date.

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