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Christmas Dining Room Centrepiece Ideas

Christmas comes but once each year, so make sure that you push the boat out…and we don’t just mean the gravy boat!

One of the highlights of Christmas Day is unquestionably the Christmas Dinner where you gather around with friends and family that you may only see once a year. It is a special occasion and it is one which really requires a significant amount of work by the host.

With putting so much effort into the food preparation, it would be a shame if the presentation of your dining table was not up to the highest possible standards. That’s why we have put together 5 top tips and ideas for your dining room table décor so that you can create a dining room centrepiece which becomes a much needed talking point throughout the festivities:

1. The Classic Look

You could go for the classic approach by opting to place festive red carnations at the centre of the dining table.

Red carnations are traditionally associated with love and affection, making them the perfect symbol for this special day. Not only do they look festive and provide the right symbolism; carnations also emit a sweet smell ensuring that your dining room centrepiece does not unwittingly prove distasteful to any of the senses.

This option would be the perfect for anyone looking for a marble table centrepiece as it will complement the sophisticated aura often created by a dining table of such splendour. If you go down this route, then make sure that you opt for red and/or traditional dining room décor in addition to the carnations to ensure a consistency of theme.

2. The Gifts Which Keep on Giving

Along with the Christmas Dinner, it is the traditional gift giving which is the most highly anticipated aspect of this magical day. So why not combine the two by placing Christmas Gift bags at the centre of the table for each of your diners.

You could opt to fill these with stocking fillers, their actual presents (if you can wait long enough) or a few novelty gifts and sweets. One thing that we would advise is that you make sure that the Christmas bags do complement the chosen colour that you are adhering to with your other Christmas dining room accessories.

3. Shed a Little Light on the Occasion

If you are lucky enough to own one of our luxurious marble dining tables, then another great option is to opt for a little bit of festive lighting.

These don’t have to be too expensive, it could just be a string of Christmas Lights which will effortlessly reflect off the sophisticated marble surface. In many ways, these are the perfect budget marble table centrepieces as they don’t necessarily require co-ordination with your other dining room accessories, particularly if you opt for a clear, natural light.

4. Christmas Dinner by Candle Light

Another idea for our customers looking for a marble table centrepiece is to exchange your Christmas Lighting for Candles.

There is nothing more majestic than a marble table reflecting natural candle light, particularly at Christmas time. It adds a little bit of tradition to the festivities but can only really be done justice with the aid of an equally as luxurious candle stick holder.

Without this accompaniment, the effect is reduced so it is definitely worth investing in the right dining room accessories if you opt to go down this route.

5. Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Our final suggestion would be more applicable to Grosvenor Furniture customers who have purchased one of our naturally coloured reclaimed elm or ash wood dining tables. This would permit you to explore a slightly more rustic look by adding decorative wine bottles or even the popular Kilner jars.

You can make this all year round favourite a little more Christmassy by wrapping the bottles in tinsel or by filling them with some of the before mentioned festive lights. Just remember not to go too overboard with the Christmas decorations as there is a very fine line between festive and tacky.

You’ve heard our tips, but what about yours? We’d love it if you were to share your dining room centrepiece ideas with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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