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Latest Drawing Room Design Styles – Stay in Trend

The term “Drawing Room” originates from the Victorian era where it was used to describe a room in which guests to a residence were entertained.

Historically this term bore many similarities with what is now termed a “living room” in that it is a recreational space where the home owners can interact with friends and family. However, this correlation has been challenged in recent years with open plan living spaces emanating from the kitchen area having gained in popularity.

It is this trend that we are focusing on today as we look into the new style drawing room concept and highlight some of the latest drawing room design ideas to help you keep up with the Joneses.

Open Your Mind…

Ultimately the first step towards having a new style drawing room is to opt for an open plan kitchen/dining space rather than having these are two separate rooms.

This not only makes the guests feel part of preparations for the evening but also means that the designated cook/waiter is able to continue interacting with guests throughout the food preparation process rather than being tucked away in the kitchen away from the social scene.

Open plan living spaces are very much in vogue at the moment and have been noted to add value to homes when selling.

Pull Up a Pew…

Dining room seating can have a massive impact on social interactions in an open plan drawing room. Opting for traditional seating at the dinner table can sometimes feel restrictive and ensure that a barrier remains between the chef and their guests.

A more inclusive option would be to add modern breakfast bar stools if you have the space available. These would ideally sit separately to the main dining table and can be viewed as being the welcoming area where you are able to wine and dine with guests prior to the arrival of the main course, even whilst making preparations.

Comfort Matters…

There is nothing worse during an evening of dining than having to face uncomfortable seating which fails to provide support or the padding required for sitting over long periods.

It is therefore always best top opt for a densely padded seat with high back support if you are planning on spending your evenings around the dinner table.

Grosvenor Furniture has a wide collection of luxury velvet dining room chairs which are not only well padded and comfortable but also smooth to touch and easy to clean thanks to the lengthy, traditional techniques employed to achieve the desired upholstered finish.

No Need for Sacrifice…

As we battle to have enough space in our homes to fit all of our desired amenities, it is becoming increasingly common for the dining table to be sacrificed.

However, losing this key household centrepiece which can help to draw the whole family together each evening can be viewed as ultimately being a tragedy and a missed opportunity to spend time in each other’s company.

We have therefore launched a range of circular dining room tables which won’t take up as much space in your home but still permit you to retain that luxury of having family meal times or dinner parties around the table with friends.

Stay Up To Date

We hope that you have found this week’s blog useful, but please feel free to get in touch with our team if you feel that there is anything we have missed out on our list of the latest drawing room interior design styles.

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