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Getting Your Home Ready for Christmas

To quote Andy Williams, ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’. Which is why your home needs to be prepped ready for all of those decorations that you’ve yet to drag from the attic, and of course a room full of people you probably only see on special occasions.

Impress those guests

The first thing you must do before decorating is to give your house a thorough clean, because once the decorations are up, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure you’ve got into all the nooks and crannies ready to impress your guests.

Make your house feel like a home

If you have family that stay over during the Christmas period, it’s good to prepare their sleeping space. By making the bed before guests arrive, you are then free to spend time with your loved ones and entertain without having to slip away and finish the last minute preparations.

As well as setting up their room, make them feel more at home by ensuring there’s available hanging space so they don’t have to fold their clothes up, and clear some room in the bathroom so they have somewhere to put their toiletries. Putting fresh towels on their beds saves them the inconvenience of having to ask for one later, and is a nice homely touch.

Food preparation is key

If you prefer to home cook all of your Christmas food, it can quickly become very chaotic, time consuming and leave your kitchen in a cloud of icing sugar (an absolute nightmare to clean right!).

Obviously some elements need to be prepared and cooked on the day, but the more things you can do before hand to make less work for yourself on Christmas day the better right?

Prepare your vegetables the night before and store in cold water in the pan. Most baked goods will last around 3 – 4 days, if not longer and can therefore be baked a few days before your guests arrive.

Make a list, and check it twice

It’s easy to overlook things during the Christmas period when your attention is taken up by ensuring you’ve done all the Christmas shopping, and remembering what day the kids Christmas plays are. This is why we suggest you make a list, that details everything you need to consider, do, buy, prep etc.

The one thing that’s often overlooked at Christmas and should be top of the list is ensuring that you have enough chairs around the dining table!

It sounds simple, but when you’re used to eating as a family of four, and suddenly you have grandparents, aunt’s, uncle’s and cousins around for Christmas dinner, it’s easy to forget you need additional seating.

You could dive into your emergency chair selection, by bringing in your patio chairs, and that old work bench with the wobbly leg ensuring each guest is sat at a different height, or you can invest in an extendable dining table to save space when Christmas is over, like our French Regal Oak Round Extending Table

There are plenty of other things you can be doing to make your Christmas run as smoothly as possible, but we’d be here for days listing them, so those are just some of our tips and tricks for a stress free Christmas!

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