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Modern Dining Room Designs – Stay in Trend

The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in us spending more time in our homes than ever before. This has given us all plenty of time to ponder our interior design choices and contemplate refreshed styles.

If you are one of the many to have fallen victim to this temptation then you will no doubt find our guide to modern dining room designs for 2021 useful. Here we have taken a selection of tips and concepts from leading interior design industry experts to provide you with a few ideas that you may wish to incorporate into your plans.

Grosvenor Furniture is here to help you stay in trend with modern dining room designs irrespective of the size or layout of your home.

Coming around Again

We don’t all have monolithic homes similar to those showcased on a daily basis by Instagram influencers. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t remain in trend.

A great starting point from which to create modern dining room décor for those of us battling space restrictions is to opt for a round dining table. These often take up far less space than their square or rectangular equivalents and are often used by those resorting to a dinette area rather than having their own dedicated dining room space.

Replacing the harsh square edges with rounder shapes also fits in with the drive for more informal dining room settings where families and friends can simply be themselves rather than being forced to adhere to often out dated traditions.


On the topic of striving for an informal vibe, a commonly referenced trend for modern dining room designs in 2021 is to opt for a dining bench as opposed to more formal dining chairs.

The removal of a dining room mainstay presents diners with a fresh way to approach interactions at the table and also makes it easier to converse with those not physically sat at the dining table. This all plays into the development of the multi-function dining room.

Working from Home

A recurring problem encountered by couples during the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns has been finding a comfortable place in which both can work from home.

Often this necessitates separate locations in the house, which is a problem for those of us with only one room that can be suitably used as a home office.

One solution which subsequently went on to become an increasing trend during 2020 was setting up station in the dining room. Many retailers are now providing fitted home office services where a suitable workstation can be established into a wider habitat which is most often the dining room or kitchen.

Rustic Retreat

The rustic look has been popular for a number of years now, and this shows no signs of changing in 2021. It’s a great way of injecting some real character and personal touches into your home.

Those adhering to this style are best opting for exposed beams and spruced up original floor boards where possible. This can then be complemented with reclaimed elm dining room furniture which is very much in keeping with this modern style home décor approach.


A slightly newer trend is the addition of plant life to create a modern dining room décor. Succulents and larger potted plants are a great way of literally invigorating some life into the dining area.

Not only does this work really well with the rustic, cottage look, but it also creates the feeling of a healthier and more colourful dining environment.

The best approach is not to limit yourself to a small number of plants. You need these to be pretty obvious in most corners of the dining room in order to create the sought for look.

Have We Missed Something?

We hope that you have found our guide to 2021’s modern dining room designs to be of use. The Coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on almost all aspects of our lives, and dining room styles are no exception.

Many commentators are predicted a revival of the “Swinging ‘20s” mentality once the worst of the pandemic has past. We can therefore look forward to some new and invigorating modern dining room designs becoming the mainstream in the not too distant future.

If there are any design approaches that you feel we have failed to include on our list, then please get in touch with our team via our website, Instagram or Facebook. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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