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Make a Statement with your Seating

Think of yourself as a bit of a Sherlock Holmes with an uncanny ability to institutively know things about people without a single word having been said?

Well, there is plenty that you can learn about someone by taking a look at the statement furniture in their home, and more specifically chair styles. What you can learn varies from room to room, but irrespective of whether it is chair styles in the living room, dining room or even the bedroom, there is a surprising amount that you can pick up on.

Let us teach you a thing or two about chair styles so that you too can impress your friends and family with your deductions…

Chair Styles – Living Room

Let’s start off in the living room and this is the room where accent chairs are the most likely to appear.

Accent chairs which are facing away from communal points of interest such as TVs will indicate a person who takes interior style seriously and isn’t averse to investing in an item of furniture which enhances the feel of their home.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, accent chairs which match the colour of the main sofa and are positioned in a way so that those seated will be readily included in the conversations taking place in the wider room would suggest someone who prizes substance over style.

Chair Styles – Dining Room/Kitchen

Moving to the dining room now and this is an area which is currently undergoing the most radical transformation when it comes to chair styles.

There is a steady revolution taking place where old fashioned dinner table traditions are being dropped in favour of a far less formal vibe. This is perhaps an attempt to make it more palatable to eat at the dining table as opposed to in front of the TV. This is having an impact on the choice of dining chairs, with more traditional choices being replaced with less socially restrictive options such as dining benches or breakfast bar stools.

Anyone who has made this move is a clear sign of a progressive thinker who is not bound by old fashioned traditions and courtesy. The opposite is naturally true when it comes to a person with very traditional and old fashioned dining room chair choices.

Chair Styles – Bedroom

The bedroom is not necessarily an area where accent chairs are always found. Standalone seats or reading chairs tend only to appear in larger properties which have the space available to accommodate such items.

A more commonly found item of seating is a bedroom bench which often sits below the footboard of a bed. Grosvenor Furniture stocks two different types of bedroom bench, those which are just a handy place to sit and contemplate the day ahead and those which double up as a handy ottoman in which to store additional clothing and essentials.

Those opting for an ottoman are clearly someone who is a practical thinker who recognises the additional storage possibilities that such furnishings can offer. If the ottoman is untidy and covered in clothing regardless, then you may instead have stumbled upon a shopaholic and/or someone who values style and aesthetics both in their home and also with their own personal appearance.

Try It for Yourself

Apply our rules to your own home and those of friends and family to see if our deductions ring true. We’d love to hear how you get on, so why not drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram to let us know!

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