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The Latest Studio Apartment Styles – Stay In Trend

If your job requires you to adopt studio apartment living in the midst of a busy city centre, then this need not cramp your flare for interior design. There are plenty of things you can do to create the illusion of additional space and adopt in vogue studio apartment styles in the process.

Not sure how? Well hopefully our latest small apartment blog will help point you in the right direction when it comes to influencing your chosen interior style.

Mirror, Mirror…

Clever use of mirrors can often help to create the illusion of additional space with the reflection of the surrounding environment tricking the brain into thinking that a room is far bigger than is actually the case.

This doesn’t have to mean cluttering up your living space with sizeable mirrors though as you could instead opt to upgrade to our Venetian mirrored home furniture collection. You’ll find yourself with just as much living space available but feel like there is far more!

It also means not having to give up any of your valuable storage space where you can tidy up the clutter which can be so problematic in a small apartment.

Divided Attention

Splitting up a large living space into separate compartments can not only make you feel like your apartment is more substantial, but can also help to accentuate the vertical space available in a room.

If installing a false wall is not an option, then you can always simply opt for a temporary room divided such as a design co-ordinated screen.

Floating Furnishings

You can save yourself some much needed floor space by opting for floating furniture wherever possible.

This can mean wall mounted TVs , floating shelving on which to place home accessories and even in some cases floating bedside tables if you are willing to sacrifice a little storage space.

Furniture Choices

It may sound slightly obvious, but your choice of furnishings will naturally dictate the space available to you. Opting for furnishings which take up as little floor space as possible in terms of width and depth is therefore the best approach for those looking to adopt a modern studio apartment style in spite of the limitations they face.

Another great trick is to buy a bed with a low footboard. This would ensure that your bed doesn’t take up too much of the eye line and hence looks less dominant in whichever area it is placed.

Multi Functional Furniture

Another slightly obvious tip which is still worth reiterating is to buy multi-functional furniture.

For instance, we currently sell a range of modern footstools which also open up to act as handy ottomans. This not only fulfils your need for comfort, but also helps you clear away any menacing clutter which may decrease the feeling of space available to you.

There are no hard and fast rules on where you are best to place our ottomans, which would look great in a living, working or bedroom space.

Have We Missed Something?

We hope that you found our small apartment blog useful and can go away with a clear thought process on the type of studio apartment style that you think would work best for you.

If you feel we have missed something, then why not get in touch with us via on Facebook or Instagram. We would love to hear your ideas on the best studio apartment styles!

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