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Top 10 Interior Design Blogs – Stay in Trend

Simply buying the latest edition of Ideal Homes Magazine is no longer enough if you are looking to stay in trend.

The advent of the internet and social media has given more ordinary people an outlet through which to share their own design tips and styling suggestions. Not everyone is going to share your own sense of style, but you will no doubt find someone out there who you can consider to be your home interior kindred spirit.

Putting together a list of the best interior blogs is therefore no easy task and is in fact very subjective. We have however attempted to put together a list of what we considered to be the top 10 interior design blogs which offer the largest range of styling techniques. These really are sites that you should put in your bookmarks if you are looking for interior inspiration blogs:

1. Mad About The House

‘Mad About The House’ is the brainchild of Kate Watson-Smyth; a London based journalist who has been writing about interior design in national newspapers for over 20 years.

If there is anyone who is qualified to offer interior design inspiration, then it is Kate who has won numerous awards including ‘Interiors Writer of the Year’ at the Property Press Awards and the ‘Best Design Inspiration Blog’ at the Amara Interior Blog Awards.

Kate pretty much goes over all aspects of interior design, ranging from bespoke advice about different shades of grey to posts covering answers to the most common interior design questions. is now so popular that Kate has become the co-host of a highly successful podcast with BBC 2’s The Great Interior Design Challenge star Sophie Robinson.

2. Sophie Robinson

Moving onto Sophie now who actually has her own interior styling blog where she offers her own styling techniques which very much revolve around the use of bright colours.

Sophie aims to lead by example and on account of popular demand, now offers private tutoring and online courses to help educate aspiring interior design influencers of the future.

3. Luke Arthur Wells

From a Great Interior Design’s Judge to one of the successful graduates. Luke Arthur Wells is now a fully fledged interior designer himself with his own personal sense of style which very much revolves around creating “timeless” designs which are immune to trends in the industry. This style fits perfectly with the approach which has been adopted to many of our luxury marble dining room table and chair sets.

On his blog, you can keep up to date with all the work Luke is undertaking with clients around the world as well as product reviews and updates on the progress he is making with his new Victorian Terrace Home in South East London.

4. Pippa James On Interiors

Since starting out in 2008, Pippa’s blog has gone from strength to strength. Her knowledge and passion for interior design is apparent in all of her posts which cover the latest style news and any interior design trends that she has observed.

Her knowledge on the subject matter is so apparent that she has gone on to become the on-screen designer for ITV’s ‘Bad Builders Bang to Rights’, Interior Stylists on Channel 5’s ‘Hotel Inspector’ and also a style consultant for George Home. Pippa has to be one of the first ports of call for any big name brands who are in need of some interior design inspiration ahead of photo shoots or at the start of new product ideation processes.

5. Swoon Worthy

Moving up North now and Swoon Worthy which is the outlet through which Kimberley Duran shares with us the latest updates on the renovations she is carrying out on her 4 bedroom Victorian Home in Shrewsbury.

This is the second home that Kimberley has developed since launching her blog over 10 years ago, the first being a 3 bedroom Edwardian home in Manchester. You will still be able to chart the progress she made on this house in her back catalogue which showcases her self-proclaimed “Eclectic Boho Glam” style.

6. Hannah Trickett

Hannah set up her blog over 10 years ago after graduating with a degree in decorative arts as a medium through which to continue writing about her thoughts on the latest interior styles.

This bloggers style is as opposed to the Eclectic Boho Glam style of Kimberley Duran as is possible, with Hannah instead focusing on minimalism. It is immediately apparent upon visiting the website that Hannah is very much part of the on-trend Nordic styling approach to home interior design.

7. Yellow Brick Home

A US based blog written by Chicago couple Kim and Scott who have a penchant for “nurturing” homes back to health with thorough renovations.

These processes are chronicled on their blog complete with clever 3D tours so that readers have the opportunity to browse through the properties themselves. If you find yourself inspired by the pair’s aesthetic prowess, then they have set up a handy Amazon shop page where you can buy the accessories which are featured on the blog.

8. The Beat That My Heart Skipped

Rohini Wahi describes herself as a “trend forecaster” and has been sharing interior design inspirations since 2007 on her lifestyle blog.

Wahi admits to be influenced by period dramas and this is very much in evidence in many of her suggested styles which directly reference TV shows and movies. It isn’t just her own styling tips that get shared on this blog though, with the freelance journalist also writing pieces about inspirational homes, shops and restaurants that she has visited.

9. Love Chic Living

Jen Stanbrook is proof that you don’t have to have a background in journalism or design in order to offer others interior design inspiration.

In an eclectic career in which she has been everything from a cleaner to a developer, Jen now focuses full time on her interior styling blog which covers everything from interior alterations made to her 120 year old Victorian semi-detached home to interior design inspiration tips and product reviews.

10. Dear Designer

Like most successful projects, originally started as a labour of love for Carole King where she could share and save interior styles that she found to be inspiring.

The blog still serves this function, with King often providing discussion on the latest trends that she has observed and even any unique properties listed for sale online which have caught her eye. Her blog is an interesting read even if you don’t share her sense of style.

Have We Missed One?

If you are passionate for interior design and have or know of a blog that you feel should be included in our top 10 interior design blogs list, then please feel free to get in touch with us and provide your recommendations.

We always welcome fresh ideas and are interested to see interior design approaches from our readers, so don’t hesitate to contact our interiors obsessed team.

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