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Q&As: What is a Dinette & How Do I Create One?

Welcome to the second in a series of blog posts where we will answer the questions that we most commonly get asked by our customers.

Last month, we revealed the correct terminology to use for a bench that sits at the end of a bed. This time we are moving out of the bedroom and getting ready for breakfast as we reveal the meaning of the term “Dinette”.

What is a Dinette?

A “Dinette” is basically a room or allocated area where you eat meals. It differs from a conventional dining room by the fact that it is intended to fill only a small amount of space.

Usually a Dinette is opted for as a result of space limitations in the home, which is why dinettes are becoming increasingly common in swanky city centre apartments.

Dinette sets typically consist of a small dining table and matching chairs. Often a Dinette table will be petite and circular so that it can fit into small alcoves without requiring too much floor space.

Dinette Ideas

We have a selection of small circular dining room tables and chairs in our collection which would make ideal dinette sets for anyone that is trying to create a family eating space in their home in spite of space limitations.

Our 1.06m Round dinette sets are amongst our most popular, perhaps indicative of the growing trend to opt for dinette areas instead of more space demanding traditional dining rooms.

The style of dinette set you opted for should ultimately be dictated by your chosen interior style. We stock a range of different designs including our ever popular round marble dining tables which are available in either white or grey.

There are also circular white glass dining tables supported by strong stainless steel frames in our collection, with these sturdy frames adding to the aesthetic as well as being designed to stand the test of time.

Be Accurate

We strongly recommend that you measure the space available in the intended dinette area before placing your order. This should be done as accurately as possible so that you can make sure you buy a dinette set that is fit for purpose.

You may also wish to consider the number of diners who are regularly going to convene around the dining table. If it is unlikely to ever be more than two people at one time and you are constrained by the space available to you, then you may wish to opt for a dinette set which comes with only two chairs.

We do offer the ability to purchase dining chairs separately from dining tables so that you can create the perfect dinette set for your requirements. This also gives you the opportunity to mix and match styles and create your own unique look.

If you have a question about home furnishings or interior design that you’ve never had answered, then please feel free to send it in to our experts using our online contact form.

Remember that there are no stupid questions and your anonymity is ensured. We look forward to hearing from you and answering more of your questions.

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