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Q&As: What is the Bench at the End of a Bed Called?

Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts where we answer your questions about interior design, home furnishings and much more.

So without further ado, let’s get to the first question…

What is the Bench at the End of a Bed Called?

Here is a question that we get asked quite frequently by customers: “what is the bench in front of a bed called?”

Well, rather disappointingly, the term most commonly attributed to this item of furnishing is ”bedroom bench”. It really is as simple as that.

However, this does underplay the range of possibilities available to you when it comes to selecting an item of furnishing to sit at the foot of your bed.

When is a Bench, Not a Bench?

There is more than just one type of furniture that you can choose to sit at the foot of your bed.

One option that we often recommend to those who are looking for small bedroom styles which will enhance the feeling of space available is to opt for furnishings which serve more than one purpose.

Here at Grosvenor Furniture, we offer a selection of padded bedroom ottomans which serve the purpose of providing a comfortable place to sit as well as doubling up as a handy storage box.

This means that you can tidy up the clutter which so often accumulates in our bedrooms as well as serving the purpose of providing a comfortable place to sit and mentally prepare ourselves for the day ahead.

We work with only the best furniture manufacturers who we know will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of quality. This means that our bedroom ottomans are unusually comfortable, with dense padding which is covered by a variety of different types of upholstery including options with ultra smooth velvet.

It just goes to show that having a small bedroom doesn’t mean having to settle for second best when it comes to the range of furnishings you can choose from.

These popular bedroom ottomans do tend to get sold quickly, so make sure that you snap them up as soon as they become available to avoid disappointment.

Our Bedroom Benches

Of course, we do also sell stylish and comfortable bedroom benches as part of our selection, which serve no purpose other than to look good and provide comfortable seating.

Again, these are available in a range of different styles. Our French Oak Louis bedroom bench often proves to be the most popular of our selection, with it adhering to French neoclassic design approaches. Its strong ash wood frame and complimentary smooth cream upholstery ensures that it remains a very popular item with our customers whenever it is available on the Grosvenor Furniture website.

Head to our bedroom seating page to look through the range of bedroom benches that are currently available on site.

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