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Feng Shui Tips for your Bedroom

Some believe in it, some don’t but Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese technique for creating a balanced, happy, successful home. This is done by keeping the “chi” (positive vibes) flowing and deflecting the negative energy. Applying Feng Shui techniques in your bedroom is said to aid refreshing sleep, improve mood and productivity. So, we thought we’d try and channel our inner chi gurus and give you a few Feng Shui tips for your bedroom…

  • 1. Position your bed to face the bedroom door – this instils subconscious inner security so you’ll be more relaxed when you sleep. Make sure the bed is situated as far away from the door as possible. This is reminiscent of our cavemen ancestors, as they didn’t sleep at the mouth of their caves for fear of predators.
  • 2. You can even preserve your chi when you’re asleep, by investing in a solid bed headboard. Apparently, your chi enters and exits through the hands, feet and top the of the head. So, having a robust barrier behind you is better than a bare wall.
  • 3. Your bedside tables should have round edges rather than square so the chi isn’t focused towards you while you sleep. If you sleep with a partner and need two bedside tables, make sure they match as this is supposed to add stability to your relationships!
  • 4. Make sure you can’t see your reflection in the mirror while you lay in bed. Instead, place it on a side wall.
  • 5. Paint the room in gentle, pastel colours for a tranquil feel and use soft lighting rather than harsh, uncovered ceiling lights hanging over the bed. This is more than just typical Feng Shui tips – it’s an actual fact that calm, neutral colours and low lighting help you to relax in the bedroom.
  • 6. Clear all clutter – physical and mental! Ensure everything is neatly stored away in boxes and make sure your wardrobe isn’t a ‘floordrobe.’ If you’re kept awake with worry at night then keep a notebook next to your bed and scribble down your worries or a to-do list before you go to sleep.
  • 7. Go green. Treat yourself to plants or flowers (unless you have a pollen allergy, of course!). Introducing nature to a bedroom has been scientifically proven to lower stress levels.
  • 8. Treat your senses. Using aromatherapy oils or fragrant sticks in your bedroom can instantly improve your mood and help you to relax – especially lavender.
  • 9. Keep technology out of the bedroom as much as possible. This includes TVs, computers and even smart phones. Glare from the screens will stimulate your brain before bed, so read a book instead. If you use your phone as an alarm in the morning then switch to a conventional battery-run model.

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